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2016-02-01 10:48:16 by Rgessimai

whats that fucking was becuas that look so unclear OKEY that s start in 2013 when i was young ive make (i dont fuckign with grammal 100% im lazy) a weird pictures in madness style in vk thats It led to the reputation of a troll in comuunity where I received all possible profits all people or hate me or admire me but me was changed and my taste changed to most elith some shitty tryings to left my bad popuralit with freaks who they considered it their duty every meeting with me show their stupidity was failed and all my creativoty merged into one BUT 2015 WAS SO SHITTY this project (yenspam) failed so much by controversy with another admin, my former best friend from 2013... sad, all started interesting but i am fucking idiot who cant even graceful finish, heh. my ideology... all that shit all thats work i wanted show newgrounds my views on art and that not SHIT whatt that was failed SHIT is what was faild SO MUCH TIME 2015 WAS SHIIIT and now i go to do what most come at aestetics to me just want to say

i hate fucking self

2016-01-14 23:37:48 by Rgessimai

at fucking seriously but u know i love show off4019123_145283266693_TihJ3y2wusM.jpg

i ded

2015-12-21 15:23:34 by Rgessimai

but im still seriously with shittness of madness

have a spokky hallowen

2015-10-31 22:12:16 by Rgessimai


energy warning

2015-10-30 12:43:27 by Rgessimai

this is photo of @owlthower
he send this photo to my friend
now he ashamed this
but i fucking hate this faggot and want humiliate him
so i sell this to newgrounds
nothing important with this freak
just trolling
thx u
now u can do memes with dis
my friend say what in this pic also has an internet shop with bad drugs
i am psychonaut and cant no report to readers what better not buy drugs here
i do not whics shop give u as advice because i us to this only russian resourses
but i think it will be not bad and not worse than this if u will search sites for this (  for yourself


2015-08-18 11:33:31 by Rgessimai


hello aima teh strawberryckrinkels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015-06-04 10:33:53 by Rgessimai



2015-05-30 15:55:05 by Rgessimai

No one said why he love madness. So, madness is shit.

wh are u love this shit?

i am from ucrain and ai em gey

2015-05-20 05:17:01 by Rgessimai