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energy warning

2015-10-30 12:43:27 by Rgessimai

this is photo of @owlthower
he send this photo to my friend
now he ashamed this
but i fucking hate this faggot and want humiliate him
so i sell this to newgrounds
nothing important with this freak
just trolling
thx u
now u can do memes with dis
my friend say what in this pic also has an internet shop with bad drugs
i am psychonaut and cant no report to readers what better not buy drugs here
i do not whics shop give u as advice because i us to this only russian resourses
but i think it will be not bad and not worse than this if u will search sites for this (  for yourself


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2015-10-30 12:44:43

Wtf this is not my foto idk its a pic of a random gay kid wtf

Rgessimai responds:



2015-10-30 13:19:58

I expected this kind of post from you.

Rgessimai responds:

i do this only for trolling of this faggot
not for lulzes from reactions of other people
u can go away


2015-10-30 13:52:30

You should understand sense of this site. This site is for artists to show their art. Not for trolling. If you want to troll than why didnt you troll on facebook or somewhere else. Here is no place for that. Thats why Newgrounds is getting ruined. and thats why I am not part of this circus anymore. because of people like you. you should act like professional here. giving some constructive reviews or making some art. There is many other places for trolling...

Rgessimai responds:

but at this situation i need public to humiliate him
do u understend this?


2015-10-30 14:03:40

yeah i understand, i just wanted to say you what I had on my heart.